We invite you to join us for our BMW xDrive Sales Event May 24th - 31st. Come explore the complete xDrive model lineup!

Take the driver's seat and discover first-hand the power of xDrive - the intelligent all-wheel-drive system, and receive credits up to $1,500* towards the purchase, lease or finance on select new 2018 or 2019 BMW models. This is in addition to other current exceptional offers in the market and is available for a limited time only! Now is the time to upgrade to your new BMW.

Space is limited and sessions fill in quickly! Email us at concierge@parkviewbmw.com Be sure to register early to avoid disappointment.


Enjoy an exclusive autograph session on Saturday, May 26th with Canadian Basketball Player - Khem Birch of the NBA's Orlando Magic



What is BMW xDrive


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To achieve a smooth and stable start in steep terrain, BMW xDrive powers all four wheels. In this process, xDrive distributes the propulsive force variable to the axles. Where road conditions are uneven, the xDrive all-wheel-drive system intelligently adjusts the distribution between the axles within milliseconds – this prevents any spinning of the wheels. The propulsive force is then transferred ideally to the road.


Winter Trips

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If wintry conditions prevail on the road, such as black ice, BMW xDrive can direct up to 100 percent of the driving force to one single axle. And even if only a single wheel hits the ice, xDrive intervenes: interacting with the Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), it brakes the affected wheel and supplies the power to the remaining wheels.



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 Cornering provides a particularly impressive chance to experience the agility of BMW xDrive. If the vehicle understeers, propulsive force is directed from the front axle to the rear. Oversteering brings more driving force to the front wheels. Thanks to xDrive, the vehicle stabilizes before the driver is even aware of an unwanted driving behaviour. This guarantees dynamics and driving pleasure at all times.

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