Ahead of the Curve

As the central point of contact between your BMW and the road, your tires play an integral role in your vehicle’s ability to corner, accelerate, and brake. BMW Star Approved Tires are carefully developed in collaboration with leading tire manufacturers to meet BMW’s exacting standards, and are specifically designed to deliver unparalleled handling, uncompromising safety, and unbeatable style.


  • Designed specifically for your BMW
  • Excellent handling and grip
  • Minimal road noise
  • Special sidewall reinforcements for additional safety
  • Highest standard of comfort
  • Competitively priced

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BMW High Performance Summer Tire Packages

The sleek design and high performance that your BMW deserves

BMW Approved High-Performance Wheel Packages are manufactured with top quality materials and specifically designed and engineered to further enhance your BMW’s style and performance and your safety. It’s the vital link in getting the most performance out of your BMW this spring and summer.

BMW develops specific alloy wheels for each model to ensure all wheels perfectly complement the design and performance capabilities of a specific vehicle. BMW Alloy Wheels undergo a comprehensive testing regime before they’re installed on any BMW. This includes X-ray technology, which screens every wheel for air bubbles, defects, and even minor imperfections.

For the maximum in safety and convenience, BMW Approved High-Performance Wheel Packages are equipped with run-flat tires. BMW run-fat tires feature reinforced sidewalls, including reinforced strips and rubber compounds that remain stable at high temperatures. This safety feature allows you to drive for up to 150 km at speeds of up to 80 km/h in the event of a sudden loss of pressure.

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As a special offer for the upcoming summer season, the following wheel and tire packages are offered to maximize the look and performance of your BMW!

The excitement of driving your BMW shouldn’t end with the seasonal changeover. BMW Approved Cold Weather Tire and Wheel Packages are masterfully researched and engineered to offer you the grip and traction you need in winter conditions.

BMW Approved Cold Weather Wheel Packages

BMW Run-Flat Tires

Make tire jacks and tow trucks a thing of the past

Even after a complete loss of tire pressure, run-flat tires retain their shape and remain firmly attached to the rim. Even at high speeds, the vehicle remains stable and precisely controllable. The vehicle can be driven for up to 80 km at 80 km/h* following loss of tire pressure - or even longer in the case of a slow puncture. The need for a spare tire is eliminated.

What are the benefits?

    • Increased active safety - Regardless of sudden air-pressure loss, you can continue your journey safely and in control at up to 80 km/h for up to 150 km.
    • No need to pull over - Run-flat Tires help to avoid unsafe roadside tire changes, allowing you to comfortably drive to safety.
    • Automatic warning system - The BMW Run-flat indicator monitors air pressure and warns you if any pressure is lost.
    • Save Space - With no need to carry a spare, you can save space and shed weight, increasing fuel efficiency and reducing cost.

Investing in a set of BMW Run-flat tires means avoiding time-consuming and inconvenient tire changes, while ensuring the safety of you and your passengers.

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