2017 Ultimate BMW Genius Competition

Genius comp

We are very happy to announce that our very own Product Genius, Adrian Lupu, is the winner of the 2017 BMW Ultimate Genius Competition! 

Based on a customer profile provided by BMW Canada, contestants were required to create a video that brings the viewer through the process of configuring their perfect G30 5-Series BMW. The competition aimed to select one BMW Genius from each Region to participate in the BMW Genius World Conference in Munich, Germany. BMW Geniuses will have the opportunity to hear speakers from top management and participate in tours of the BMW Facilities (including BMW Welt and BMW Plant).

We are thrilled to have Adrian Lupu represent Parkview BMW on the international stage!  See below for his submission and details on the video challenge.  


The Challenge for the video submission:

Name(s): William Canon.
Age: Late 40’s
Characteristics: He has driven BMWs in the past but has purchased Mercedes for the last few years.His day to day affairs are very demanding therefore appreciation of his time is proportional to his willingness to buy. He is highly regarded for his excellent taste and his enjoyment of the finer things in life. His weekends are spent with his wife, son, and daughter at the country club or at their cottage in the summer months. He is very tech-savvy and expects any item of technology he owns to“just work”.He is a fan of Apple products.His loyalty to a brand depends on their excellence in customer service, constant innovation of their products and consideration of his time.
Likes: Travelling and experiencing new countries, family time, fine wines, art exhibitions, jazz and dinners with friends.



Finding parking downtown, running late for appointments, average and boring experiences.
Marital Status: Married for 20 years.Spends a lot of time with his wife and two children on both weeknights and weekends.
Residence: Detached large home with a three car garage in a suburb of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Employment: Pilot of a corporate jet for a Fortune 500 company.
Work Location: Main hub is the Toronto Island Airport.
Vacation: Travels to Vancouver during holidays to visit family.Enjoys vacations to Europe during the year, and the Caribbean in the winter time where he has a boat and second home.
Current Vehicle: 2015 Mercedes E-Class.
Why is he visiting BMW: His friend mentioned how beneficial a BMWGenius was to his purchase and how he has the BMWGenius on speed dial in case he has any questions.