BMW Air Freshener

BMW Natural Air Freshener Kit

Keep your BMW smelling fresh.

Keep your BMW smelling fresh with the BMW Natural Air Freshener Kit. The BMW Natural Air holder consists of a matte black plastic carrier and a high-quality lid with a gleaming, anthracite-coloured metal look. The intensity of the scent can be manually adjusted via the ventilation grille or the holder’s variable apertures.

Each solid fragrance stick is saturated with essential oils and fragrances created exclusively for BMW.

Available in 3 natural fragrances:

Purifying Green Tea (fresh & fruity with a hint of musk)

Energizing Tonic (eucalyptus & rosemary - spicy and stimulating)

Balancing Amber (sweet & warm w/exotic flowers and spices)

To purchase your new BMW Natural Air Freshener Kit visit Parkview BMW at 1155 Leslie Street, Toronto ON or call 416.444.4269 or request this package below for more information.

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