BMW Battery Charger


BMW Battery Charger : Starting from $246 for parts + labour

Offer Ends: October 31, 2015

Severe cold weather conditions can impact how quickly your vehicle starts. That’s why an efficient Battery Charger & Engine Preheater System is now available for your BMW.

  • Reliable: Engineered for your BMW by DEFA.
  • Proven: Tested in temperatures as low as -40˚C.**
  • Powerful: The power source is also a battery charging system that extends the life of your battery.
  • A preheated engine means reduced cabin warm up time.
  • 33% reduced emissions on cold startups.*
  • Fully sealed connectors and components to prevent corrosion from water and salt
  • An environmentally friendly alternative to extend the life of your battery and preheat your engine.

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