BMW Car Care Products

Indulgence for your BMW

With BMW Premium Car Care Products.

An especially dazzling appearance for your car – and for you. Treat your BMW to high-quality BMW Premium Car Care products. All Car Care products are optimally tailored to care for the unique materials in your vehicle and gently clean them while offering powerful protection. Whether interior or exterior, rims or glass – you can always rely on the stringent quality standards at BMW to provide the best results.

We guarantee that the better the care you give your BMW, the greater your driving pleasure will be. If you have any questions, please contact our Parts Department at (416) 444-4269.

BMW Care Care Products

Car Shampoo
Liquid cleaning agent. It protects the wax layer on the vehicle during washing.
Wash & Wax
Dirt is completely removed. When washing by hand, the wax ensures a high-gloss finish and preserves the paintwork.
Hard Wax with Nanotechnology
This high-tech hard wax provides effective protection for all metallic and non-metallic paint finishes, thanks to its high-performance polymers and nano-components. It makes paint damage caused by car washes, road grit, acid rain and tree sap a thing of the past.
Touch-up Paint Pen Sets in Body Colour/Wheel colour, with Clear Coat
The paint pens are ideal for touching up slight damage to the paint of the bodywork and painted plastic parts (such as chips caused by stones), ensuring optimum looks and protection against the elements. Available in a wide choice of original BMW paint colours. Supplied in packs of 2 x 12 ml pens (basic colour and clear varnish).
Polishing Cloth (Pack of 3)
A special cloth for streak and lint-free polishing of delicate painted surfaces. 100% cotton, boil-proof. Supplied in packs of 3.
Window Cleaner
Removes greasy and oily stains as well as insect marks and other residue from all glass and mirrored surfaces in and on the vehicle. Can also be used on paint and chrome surfaces.
Glass cleaner with organic grapefruit extract
This glass cleaner with organic grapefruit extract is part of the new sustainable care line Pure Care inspired by BMW i. It contains some natural ingredients, and removes even stubborn dirt from glass surfaces and windows/windscreens, effectively and without streaking.
Wheel Rim Brushes
Wheel Rim brushes with three strong brush heads made of natural bristles with a brass screw thread for the easy cleaning of Original BMW Alloy Wheels.
Tire Shine
The Tire Shine ensures your tires retain a long-lasting glossy appearance, and provides effective protection against embrittlement and drying out. Supplied as a handy pump-action spray.
Interior Cleaner
A gentle cleaner for quick and easy cleaning of all textiles and plastic surfaces (e.g. seat covers and interior trims) in the vehicle interior. Can be diluted in water, depending on the degree of dirt. Contains a fresh scent.
Interior Microfibre Cloth
Available in two versions: the finely woven cloth for the interior or the universal cloth with greater absorbency for the interior and exterior.
Wood and kenaf care with organic sandalwood extract
This wood and kenaf care agent with organic sandalwood extract is part of the new sustainable care line Pure Care inspired by BMW i. It contains some natural ingredients, was specially developed to suit porous materials such as kenaf fibre and eucalyptus wood, and provides lasting protection.
Leather Lotion with UV Protection
Quality oils clean, protect and preserve the leather in your BMW, maintaining the natural properties and typical leather smell. Not suitable for rough leather and Alcantara.
Leather and upholstery cleaner with organic orange oil extract
The leather and upholstery cleaner with organic orange oil extract is part of the new sustainable care line Pure Care inspired by BMW i. It contains some natural materials and is particularly suited to cleaning the high-quality leather, synthetic leather, upholstery and floor mats in BMW vehicles.
Leather care balm with organic olive oil
This leather care balsam with organic olive oil is part of the new sustainable care line Pure Care inspired by BMW i. It has been developed to perfectly suit the high-quality leather surfaces in BMW vehicles. With some natural ingredients, a little of this balsam goes a long way, and offers all-round protection.
Cabriolet Soft-top Cleaner
The soft top cleaner ensures protective and powerful cleaning of all cabriolet tops. Active components are specially adapted to BMW soft tops.
Cabriolet Soft-top Repellent
For treating clean, textile cabriolet soft tops. Protects against the elements and other environmental factors.
Matte Paint Special Shampoo
A cleaning concentrate for intensive yet gentle manual car washes. The high-quality wash-active substances protect paint conservation products, thus prolonging the sealant effect.
Matte Paint Special Cleaner
A powerful cleaner for intensive and manual stain removal. Thanks to the latest surface cleaning technology, it removes not only water-soluble stains but also oil and grease stains.
Matte Paint Special Express Wax
This short-term sealant for ad hoc use, or after application of BMW Matte Paint Special Cleaner, protects matte paint finishes quickly and easily. The powerful waxes protect the paint surface from environmental influences without reducing matte shine.
Matte Paint Application Set
The BMW Application set contains two microfibre cloths and three special sponges in different sizes. The microfibre cloths are used to clean surfaces with Matte Paint Special Cleaner, to distribute Matte Paint Special Express Wax, to remove excess BMW Matte Paint Special Nano Wax and to produce an even matte finish.The application sponges feature a firm, smooth upper surface for guiding and gripping the sponge and a soft, porous side for the application of BMW Matte Paint Special Nano Wax.
Matte Paint Special Nano Wax
This long-term sealant with high-tech nano particles and the latest high-performance waxes provides optimum protection from salt-based grit, sap and other environmental influences without reducing surface shine. After treatment, any subsequent stains are significantly easier to remove.