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BMW Communication and Navigation

BMW has developed a comprehensive range of on-board technologies which marry GPS and wireless telephone networks with in-vehicle navigation systems. These systems are conveniently operated using the a driver interface menu screen and a split-screen function which allows the driver to see multiple applications at once. BMW Assist offers features which can receive multiple points of interest (POIs) in the vehicle and conveniently transfer these to your on-board navigation system. With the latest in digital road maps, including 3D imagery of some downtown areas, you will find your destination easily all the while focusing on the important aspect of driving. Discover the new dimension to mobility.

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Stay connected on the road with the BMW Bluetooth Interface

Connecting a mobile phone to your vehicle via Bluetooth is the safest and most comfortable way to speak on the phone while on the road. This is why BMW was the first automobile manufacturer to introduce the Bluetooth communication standard for mobile phone integration as early as December 2002. The wireless connection enables drivers to operate their mobile phones via the multifunctional steering wheel, the iDrive Controller or voice control. The mobile phone's telephone book is synchronised with the on-board computer and can be accessed via the radio display or the on-board monitor.

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The Requirements

The mobile phone preparation with Bluetooth interface is available for all BMW models. As the implementation of Bluetooth standards differs depending on the mobile phone and software version, new devices and software offers are continually being tested for compatibility. For more information on handset compatibility please consult the Cooperation and Reliability section of this site.

An optional snap-in adapter can also be used to successfully operate the mobile phone with the Bluetooth interface using the vehicle’s external antenna connection. This feature also reduces cellular radiation within the vehicle, and will charge the handset.

BMW Bluetooth Interface- Tested Mobile Phones

BMW works together with the leading mobile phone manufacturers so that it can recommend as many BMW-compatible mobile phones as possible. Tested phones are listed on this site for your reference. It is important to note that because of the sheer number of devices available in the market, it is not possible to test all phones. Those devices which appear on the list of tested phones offer the highest degree of compatibility with our vehicles. Phones which are not included on the list, may not have passed our testing criteria. Another possibility however is that they have not been tested. If this is the case, such phones may nonetheless offer a high degree of compatibility with our vehicles. Many network carriers selling devices will also allow customers to test the Bluetooth compatibility with their vehicle on their own. Should the device fail to meet the customer’s expectations, the phone may be returned without charge. Please check with your network carrier for details on this policy.

Please refer to the Bluetooth compatibility list below to determine if your mobile phone has been tested and offers the highest degree of compatibility with the latest range of new vehicles. You can also find out which handset functions are supported with the vehicles Bluetooth handsfree environment.

Further information regarding Bluetooth compatibility and general inquires can be obtained from your BMW Service Department. As devices intended for Canadian use are tested with the various Canadian wireless carriers, the “Tested Phones” compatibility listing is valid for the Canadian market.

Radio freedom in your vehicle

With over 100 channels of music, sports, news, talk, and comedy, SIRIUS brings you the freedom to choose your audio experience wherever you drive. Whether it’s listening to the latest about overseas markets during the morning commute on Bloomberg Radio, entertaining your family on the way to the cottage with Radio Disney, or escaping the day’s stresses with comedy the way it was performed - uncensored, SIRIUS has a channel for the moment. Combined with coast-to-coast coverage, you’ll have the freedom to listen to what you want, when you want in your SIRIUS equipped vehicle. And it’s all at your fingertips, integrated into your BMW's radio.

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Music to your ears. Literally.

Get in and play on - the USB audio interface lets you connect MP3 players, Apple iPods, USB sticks and mobile phones seamlessly with the BMW audio system. Tracks are played in HiFi quality via the loudspeakers and your music choice can be controlled using either buttons on the steering wheels, iDrive, voice control or the radio buttons. If a suitable USB snap-in adapter is available for your mobile phone and vehicle combination, you can connect and charge it in the central console using the extended connectivity of the music player in the mobile phone option. Thanks to this special equipment, mobile phone conversations take place via the vehicle’s external aerial for better reception.

How do you navigate through a library of 10,000 songs? Preferably on the road using the vehicle’s control functions. Almost all common MP3 players, Apple iPods and USB sticks can be integrated effortlessly with the audio system. The title of the track being played is displayed either on the control or radio display. MP3 players and Apple iPhones can be operated directly from the central console. All common formats are supported (MP3, AAC, WAV and WMA) as well as M3U-format playlists. To integrate an Apple iPod or Apple iPhone, the BMW Y-cable adapter for Apple iPod/iPhone equipment is required. The BMW Y-Cable is included with your vehicle at time of delivery for select models only. Speak with your sales advisor for more details.*

The BMW iPod/USB interfaces.

Everyone has their favourite driving track or two. And now with the BMW iPod and USB interfaces, you can have a couple of thousand. Simply connect your iPod, iPhone, MP3 player or USB stick to the on-board system and choose your favourite songs from your entire collection. Once your device is plugged in, you can access your music library and control the volume using either the radio, the multifunction steering wheel or the iDrive Controller. Now you can have endless musical enjoyment without being distracted from driving.

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