BMW iDrive

The Modern Interpretation of Intuition

Rotate the controller to scroll through menu items, press “Back” to jump back to the previous screen, and “Option” to access additional functionality. You can access the most important operations directly using the assigned buttons. Information is displayed on a large, crisp display positioned above the centre console. This enables you to keep your eyes on the road and your mind free to concentrate on uninterrupted driving pleasure.

With the revised new-generation iDrive with navigation, a large high-resolution display with an intuitive user interface gives quick access to vehicle data, entertainment, communication, and navigation. And since all the data is stored on a hard drive, maps load without delay. The hard drive also provides space to copy music from CDs or USB drives, eliminating the need to switch between disks to find your favourite music.

Programmable Favourites

Your most important functions can be directly accessed using eight favourite keys (six keys in certain BMW models) conveniently placed below the radio controls. These programmable keys can be set to give you instant access to a particular number to call, favourite radio station, common destinations, specific vehicle information, and more. For example, assign Favourite 1 to call the office, Favourite 2 to route the navigation system to your home, Favourite 3 to play your preferred radio station, Favourite 4 to display trip details, and so on.

To program the keys, simply use the controller to navigate to the desired action or section of the iDrive interface, then press and hold one of the shortcut keys to program it, just like older cars’ radio station presets. For example, if you would like program Favourite 1 to contact your home telephone number, simply navigate to your car’s phonebook, highlight the desired phonebook entry, then press and hold the first favourite key. To use the shortcuts, lightly touch the button surface to get a preview of the function, or press it to activate the command.

BMW’s innovative iDrive system provides the best access to entertainment, communication, navigation, and vehicle information conveniently shown on a large crisp display positioned near the top of the centre console. The marriage of an intuitive system and well-positioned display not only makes using iDrive a pleasant experience, but also ensures optimum safety.

Speed and power are just the beginning

Your BMW is designed to make high performance a part of your everyday drive, for years to come.

If your daily commute involves merging with a wall of speeding traffic, the last thing you want is a vehicle that shows more stress than its driver. BMW's new Valvetronic technology works with the engine to deliver an even broader range of power more smoothly. So when you race from a rolling stop into 65 mph traffic, your BMW responds with calm, assured power.

The result is a joyful driving experience everyday whether you've owned your BMW for 2 years or 10.

Keeping your gaze on the road

The Head-up Display helps drivers maintain concentration on the road ahead by displaying driving-related information in an effective way. This information is projected onto the windscreen within the driver’s direct field of vision, meaning he does not have to divert his gaze away from the road. Consequently, any distraction from the traffic situation is reduced to a minimum. Depending on the model and specifications, the following information can be selected to be displayed on the Head-up Display.

  • Vehicle Speed
  • Navigation information (arrow and distance to next turn)
  • Information on Active Cruise Control function
  • Proximity warning system
  • Lane Departure Warning System
  • BMW Night Vision alerts

Head-Up Display is available as an option on the BMW 5 Series, 6 Series, 7 Series, 2011 X3, X5, X6, X5M, and X6M.