BMW X4 Performance Exhaust


Exclusively for the X4.

$3,494 including install.

Offer Ends: August 31, 2016

Power, intensity, and exhilaration are the feelings you will experience with the BMW M Performance Exhaust System. Crafted from a lightweight chrome-nickel alloy, this flow-optimized exhaust system is precisely engineered to reduce backpressure and produce an even sportier sound.

Interested in hearing what the BMW M Performance Exhaust System will sound like on your vehicle? Click below.


BMW M Performance exhaust systems set the tone- in every respect. Manufactured in top quality, these components not only provide an extra-sporty sound, but also help to reduce exhaust pressure. This, in turn, improves driving properties and optimizes the engine characteristics. Premium tailpipe finishers in chrome, carbon fibre or titanium impress with their exclusive high-tech look and emphasize the striking appearance of the rear of your BMW X4.

Enter the BMW Performance Exhaust System. This solution produces an outflow of exhaust gases that is so free (though still under control) that it markedly reduces back pressure. The flow is free enough, in fact, to actually pull more air into the engine. So while it’s saving power at one end, it’s increasing power at the other.


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