BMW Roof Box Customization

Offer Ends: September 30, 2017

Here for a limited time only, Parkview BMW is offering a BMW Roof Box Customization for only $250 plus tax when you purchase a roof box from Parkview. BMW Colour Match ONLY*- Matte paint will be additional.


Travel in comfort even when you have lots of luggage: BMW roof Boxes create additional storage capacity and are available in various colours with different volumes (320L, 350L, or 460L). The elegant boxes offer easy loading with its innovative two-sided opening system. Fitted with six locking points and anti-theft features, the transport boxes also meet the required safety standards. Create your own look with your own personalized Roof Box colour. BMW Roof Boxes require Roof Rails.

To customize your BMW Roof Box, give us a call at (416) 444-4269 for the Parts Department, or visit us in-store at 1155 Leslie Street, Toronto ON. If you would like a Parts request, click the button below.

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