Battery and Trickle Chargers: 15% OFF

Offer Ends: 2019/03/31
Battery and Trickle Chargers: 15% OFF

Battery and Trickle Chargers: 15% off

Offer expires March 31, 2019

With winter upon us, it is important to assess your driving profile and to consider the purchase of a Trickle Charger or Battery Charger.


A trickle charger is designed to slowly apply a charge to a battery over a long period of time. They are ideal for vehicles that are not used day-to-day or are stored away for the winter or summer months. Trickle Chargers are built to prevent a battery from being depleted from non-use.

Benefits & Advantages:

- Suitable for charging once or twice a month for a day
- Energy is transferred in a steady trickle to the battery, therefore leading to a minimum risk to the battery
- Helps prolong battery life by preventing sulfide on the lead plates of the battery



In comparison to a Trickle Charger, a battery charger has circuitry that monitors the battery and charges only when the voltage has dropped below a preset level. ( This maintains the battery at the perfect state of charge.

Benefits & Advantages:

- Innovative circuitry
- Battery chargers can be connected indefinitely to the car battery
- Monitors and automatically regulates the charge, virtually eliminating sulfation
- Optimal charge voltage even in extreme weather conditions



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