BMW Battery Chargers

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BMW Battery Chargers

BMW Battery Chargers

As winter slowly starts to get colder and colder, it is important to assess your driving profile and to consider the purchase of a BMW Battery Charger.



In comparison to a Trickle Charger, a battery charger has circuitry that monitors the battery and charges only when the voltage has dropped below a preset level. ( This maintains the battery at the perfect state of charge. It reduces fuel consumption and harmful emissions. When your battery is not adequately charged, the alternator must supply the power to both run the cars electrical systems and to recharge the battery.


Benefits & Advantages:

- Innovative circuitry
- Battery chargers can be connected indefinitely to the car battery
- Monitors and automatically regulates the charge, virtually eliminating sulfation
- Optimal charge voltage even in extreme weather conditions




How often should you charge your car battery?

There are many possible issues that could lead to your car battery taking longer to charge. Typically, a car battery charger that charges at about 2 amps will require about 24 hours to deliver the full 48 amps your battery needs for a full charge.


What can drain a car battery when the car is off?

The most common causes of parasitic drain are under hood lights, trunk lights, headlights or glove box lights that do not turn off when the door is closed. Relay switches that are stuck in the “on” position can also cause a battery to drain. Alternators with bad diodes can cause battery drain.



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