BMW Summer Full Body Spa $349

Offer Ends: 2020/08/31
BMW Summer Full Body Spa $349

BMW Summer Full Body Spa $349

Offer expires August 31, 2020


Summer time calls for clear weather and clean cars. While previous seasons leave your car in a wreck from salt and mud, summer is the season to get your BMW's condition back on track. With the BMW Full Body Spa, your BMW is meticulously cleaned on the inside and out and put's it back into the condition when you first drove off the lot.


Exterior Detailing

- Hand-wash exterior

-Bug and tar removal

-Clean hood and trunk gutters

-Clear door jambs

-Clean exterior glass

-Clean wheels and dress tires

-Hand Wax

-Exterior Buff


Interior Detailing

-Clean interior glass

-Clean and dress instrument panel and console

-Vacuum interior and trunk

-Clean air condition leather and vinyl

-Shampoo interior carpet and mats

-Clean interior upholstery (e.g. door panels, cloth seats)

-Clean headliner

To book your Summer Full Body Spa, contact our Service Department at (416) 444-4269 or


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