Check for BMW Recalls

Offer Ends: 2019/09/30

Is Your BMW Under Recall?

What is a Recall?

A recall is issued when a vehicle, equipment, child car seat, or tire creates an unreasonable safety risk or does not comply with minimum safety standards. Recalls are issued by vehicle manufacturers and are regulated federally by Transport Canada.

What Does This Mean to Me?

At Parkview BMW your safety is important to us. We are committed to providing our customers with safe, confident and properly functioning vehicles at all costs. Checking and addressing any open/unfixed recalls helps to maintain your BMW's reputation for reliability.

Fill out the form with your VIN number to learn about service recall campaigns related to your vehicle. Or CLICK HERE to check for recalls that apply to your vehicle.


What is a VIN and Where Do I Find It?

A VIN is a 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number that can be found in three different areas:

1). On the Driver's Side Door Jamb - A label containing your VIN is located on the door frame.

2). On the Bottom Right Corner of the Windshield - A label containing your VIN is also located on the drivers-side dashboard where the windshield meets the hood.

3). On Your Owner's Permit - A VIN is mandatory for vehicle registration and can be found on your printed owner's permit.


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