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Every driver is different, every BMW is different and so too is the journey that you experience with your BMW. BMW Value Service Packages are designed to offer you transparent, all-inclusive pricing to help you maintain your vehicle's performance.

The unprecedented quality we uphold ourselves to, combined with our sophisticated diagnostic systems and use of Original BMW Parts, allows us to ensure your BMW will perform as you would expect it to. Select the service that best suits you and look forward to the many more drives ahead.

Offers You Can Expect:

A trained BMW technician will inspect your vehicle's fluid level and change the oil of your vehicle, dependent on what is required. They will also replace the oil filter - regardless of its condition - and like all value services, return your BMW vacuumed and washed so it looks spick and span for your return.

Choose from a variety of options including brake pads,  brake pad sensor replacement (front or rear), and brake disc replacement (front or rear). All parts exchanged during the service are replaced with BMW Genuine Parts.

Driving straight is something we often take for granted, but without your BMW having all four wheels properly aligned this wouldn't be possible. Improper wheel alignment can lead to adverse handling characteristics, premature tire wear, decreased braking distance, ride quality and fuel economy.

With the help of our alignment machines, our expert Service Technicians are able to know the exact specifications to which your vehicle was designed. This ensures we are upholding maximum performance and satisfaction.

BMW Value Service Packages include the replacement of brake discs and brake pads using Original BMW Parts. The service at a glance includes:

- Removal of wheels, brake discs, and brake pads

- Detailed inspection of the braking system including braking hoses and brake ware indicators,

- Thorough cleaning, detailed testing, installation of new brake discs and pads, installation of wheels

  • Assessment of braking power

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