Pre-Book Summer Tire Install

Offer Ends: 2021/05/31
Pre-Book Summer Tire Install

As we transition into warmer weather, and you start to plan out your spring adventures, don't forget to make the switch to summer tires. At Parkview BMW, we strongly recommend getting your summer tires installed for the warmer conditions when temperatures exceed 7°C. Pre-book your summer tires to beat the rush!

The ideal tire for the warm months of the year: summer tires represent the optimum balance of comfort, acoustics and rolling resistance. The special structure of their tread pattern has a rubber compound that does not become too soft even at very high temperatures. With larger tread blocks and less lamella structure, they reliably prevent aquaplaning and offer increased directional stability and steering precision even at high speeds. Not only does this make your ride safer, it also delivers superior comfort and handling even at high speeds.


Advantages of Summer Tires

    • better fuel efficiency
    • protection against hydroplaning due to grooves
    • reduced braking distance for a safer stop
    • increased grip on roads
    • harder rubber compound means tires can handle the summer heat
    • less wear which means longer life for tires

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