BMW Summer Wheel Packages

Offer Ends: 2021/08/31
BMW Summer Wheel Packages

Summer Wheel Packages

Changing your tires coming into the new season is essential to making sure your BMW is in premium condition. When temperatures hit over 7 degrees Celsius, it is time to switch over to your summer or all-season tires. Changing your tires at the right time is an important part of maintaining the life of the tire. BMW Approved High-Performance Wheel Packages are manufactured with top quality materials and specifically designed and engineered to further enhance your BMW's style and performance and your safety. It's the vital link in getting the most performance out of your BMW this spring and summer.

BMW develops specific alloy wheels for each model to ensure all wheels perfectly complement the design and performance capabilities of a specific vehicle. BMW Alloy Wheels undergo a comprehensive testing regime before they're installed on any BMW. This includes X-ray technology, which screens every wheel for air bubbles, defects, and even minor imperfections.

For the maximum in safety and convenience, BMW Approved High-Performance Wheel Packages are equipped with run-flat tires. BMW run-flat tires feature reinforced sidewalls, including reinforced strips and rubber compounds that remain stable at high temperatures. This safety feature allows you to drive for up to 150 km at speeds of up to 80 km/h in the event of a sudden loss of pressure.

To find out more information about our wheel packages, visit us in-store at 1155 Leslie Street, Toronto ON or call us at (416) 444-4269.


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