Winter Driving Tips and Tricks

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 ☑    Keep Your Gas Tank as Full as Possible
Always maintain a full tank of gas. This will limit condensation in your gas tank and prevent your gas line from freezing during the colder months. If you are unfortunate to be stranded this winter - your engine is your only source of heat. Ensuring your gas tank is full can also save you from untimely repairs.


☑    Top-up Wiper Fluids and Replace Wiper Blades
Driving during Canadian winters can make for a dirty windshield and running out of washer fluid can greatly reduce visibility. Having enough wiper fluid is critical to keeping your windshield free of ice, snow, and salt. Installing heavy-duty wiper blades can also help keep your windshield free of winter precipitation.


☑    Install Winter Tires and Check Your Tire Pressure
Equipping your vehicle with winter tires increases your traction, braking, and handling during snow conditions. It is best to changeover your tires when temperatures will regularly be at 7°C or below. Maintaining correct air pressure is also a requirement for good handling and durability. The autumn season and early winter months are the best times to check inflation pressures, as air contracts in colder temperatures. Looking to purchase a winter tire package? Click Here.


☑    Check Your Battery
In extremely cold temperatures the chemical reactions required to generate power in a car battery can significantly slow down. Have your battery tested or replaced to make sure it is up to the challenges of the season.


☑    Check Your Coolant
Antifreeze acts as a key agent in providing heat inside your car's cabin. It is an important fluid in circulating through your cooling system and protects against damage by keeping your engine operating within the correct temperature range. Over time, antifreeze will break down and lose its ability to provide protection to the engine. It is important to replace it before it wears out and loses its protective qualities.


☑     Be Ready for Any Emergency
Create an emergency kit that includes items such as booster cables, flashlight, small shovel, snow brush, windshield wiper fluid, first aid kit, blanket, gloves, heavy socks, and emergency flares.


Speak with your Service Advisor to learn more about the best tips and tricks for the winter season.


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