4 Wheel Alignment

$229 (with Active Steering $289)

Offer Ends: September 30, 2016

Every Certified BMW Technician understands that when a wheel is off alignment by just 0.08 of a centimetre, each axle will scrub approximately 67cm sideways every kilometre – greatly reducing tire life. In wet road conditions, a misaligned wheel poses a potential danger because its tread is off-centre and cannot properly displace water, resulting in a loss of traction.

For the month of September, Parkview BMW is offering a free Nitrogen Tire Conversion with a purchase of a 4 Wheel Alignment at $229*.

*$229 + applicable taxes represents a 4 Wheel Alignment for a BMW 335i (E90). Prices vary by model.


Watch the video below, to learn more about the importance of Wheel Alignments.


For more information or to book your Wheel Alignment Check, visit Parkview BMW's Service Department at 1155 Leslie Street, or call us at (416) 444-4269.

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