A/C Performance Test

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A/C Performance Test: $249.95

Taking action for cleaner air.

Offer Ends: September 30, 2017

Breathe easy this summer. Parkview BMW is offering A/C Performance Test for $249.95. A BMW air conditioning performance test ensures that the climate inside your car is pleasant and healthy by professionally cleaning and disinfecting the cooling system. Our Parkview BMW technicians examine your BMW's air conditioning system to make sure everything functions perfectly and is in optimum condition.

BMW A/C maintenance helps you keep a cool head on those hot summer days.


BMW A/C Performance Test Include:

Performance check of the cooling system

Re-filling the coolant/cooling fluid

Cleaning and disinfecting the cooling system


For more information visit us at Parkview BMW's Service Department 1155 Leslie Street, Toronto ON or call 416.444.4269 or request this package below for more information.