Keep A Cool Engine For Summer

Drive Into Summer: Keep Your Engine Cool This Summer

With hot summer heat days ahead, your BMW’s engine may get overworked and strained. If at all unsure of your vehicle’s drivability, it is advised not to drive unless necessary and avoid high traffic streets. Dive into these refreshing tips in keeping your engine cool and collected.

1. Evaluate your tires: Look into a nitrogen tire injection for your summer tires. Drivers noticed an improvement in road grip, handling, braking and overall enhanced safety and comfort. a Parkview BMW Nitrogen tire conversion will prolong the life of your tires and reduce tire failure. Hot streets can affect the moisture in your tires, causing it to fluctuate in temperature and tire pressure.

2. Your AC will use your engine’s power to cool off the interior of your vehicle. One of the things we recommend if your car is overheating, is to crank the heat on full blast. It seems counter intuitive, but this is one of the ways that your vehicle can draft in cooler air.

3. Less air resistance means more fuel efficiency, so the air vent control closes the air vents when cooling is not needed, improving aerodynamics and bringing the engine to running temperature faster.

4. Monitor your BMW’s coolant and air flow. Trapped air can cause serious heat related motor problems. An overheated vehicle can cause serious problems to your engine. Air flowing through the radiator helps cool the engine – but it also increases air resistance. BMW’s innovative air vent control system automatically shuts the air vents, situated behind the front kidney grilles, whenever air cooling is not required.

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