Summer Tips and Tricks

BMW Summer Maintenance Tips and Tricks

When you purchase a BMW, you don’t just opt for dynamic performance and quality but also individual service and personal care. Proper vehicle care is not just performing a car wash; it is the most important factors in preserving the value of your BMW so that you can prolong the driving pleasure. Ensure your BMW is fully prepped and ready to embrace the hot months with these Summer tips and tricks:

Tire Pressure and 4 Wheel Alignment

When the outside temperature fluctuates, it can temper the pressure of your tires. Especially transitioning from winter to summer, when temperatures can reach high peaks, it can stress your tires. If you notice uneven wear pattern on your tires, it usually means you may need a Wheel Alignment. While Tire Check-ups are recommended, make it a habit to check your wheels seasonally to ensure that you’re getting the best gas mileage from your tires.


Ensure that the air vent in your vehicle is constantly flowing to circulate the air throughout. This will reduce mildew buildup, as well as ventilate any foul smells trapped during the colder season.

55-Point Inspection

Add confidence to every drive with a BMW 55-Point Inspection. A Certified BMW Technician will inspect every component in your vehicle to ensure all systems are operating properly and that your BMW is in peak condition for the summer roads ahead. What are some of the assessments included with a BMW 55-Point Inspection?
Performance: Engine, transmission, alignment, and braking performance
Interior: Seat belts, horn, A/C, central locking, and dash controls.
Under the hood: Air filters, belts, hoses, battery, and radiator components.
Undercarriage: Tires, suspension, exhaust, and transmission systems.
Exterior: Doors, lighting, and windshield components.

Brake System

If you have faced harsh road conditions such as slippery roads or even some imminent steep potholes during the winter season, it can certainly take a toll on your suspensions and brakes. It is important to inspect the quality of all these components under the hood as they are exposed to elements that lead to rust and other costly damage.

Interior & Exterior Clean 

Look into a BMW Full Body Spa that will clear out all the dirt and salt buildup from the winter that lead to wear and rust. Spraying out debris from your tires, polishing the interior, and vacuuming are the little things that can freshen up your BMW. This is also a good opportunity to take a look into any other damage that may have occurred to your vehicle during the colder months. Things such as scrapes to your body, cracks to your windshield, dullness to your leather, condition of wipers, etc.

Oil Change 

Switching your oil and filter every few months is suggested to maintain the highest quality and prolong its drivability. As the weather gets warmer, it may thin your engine’s oil, resulting in less protection for your engine and increase stress to your parts. 

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